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Monday, March 16, 2009

Feedback from Children

We have received a tremendously encouraging response from children to our 'Oduve Nanu' reading programme. Postcards were distributed to children in classes 4 and above, who came under this programme, in all districts.

We have received responses from around 5,500 children so far and more are pouring in.

Some of the responses were:

1.I learnt to read ‘sarala padas’ – simple words.
2. Attractive cards tempted me to read.
3. A new story card each day is a good idea.
4. Stories were interesting and simple.
5. My friends and people at home also read the cards.
6. Illustrations helped me visualize the story easily.
7. Our textbooks should be like this.
8. Through these cards I have confidence that I can read.
Seen below: one of the reading cards

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