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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Anganwadi Worker, A Profile..

The work an anganwadi worker does goes largely unknown, unnoticed and unrecognized. She packs an extraordinary sweep of activities into a day – from preschool education to community service, from mentoring parents to census operations. Akshara’s preschool team spends a day with one such anganwadi worker, Ganga Bhyramma, who has been at the Byadarahalli anganwadi in Bangalore for the last eighteen years. She is a storehouse of information on anganwadis in general, on how they function. She provides context to anganwadis and explains their relevance in the community. She herself is a pillar in her community, a rallying figure for people. Her work is multi-dimensional. Her main focus is preschool education. But Ganga Bhyramma handles myriad responsibilities and her day quickly gets fragmented and she sometimes has no time to devote to the children in her anganwadi. She would like to put them in the forefront of her activities and that is not always possible. But the Akshara team never once heard her complain.

To read the complete article visit - http://www.slideshare.net/aksharadotorg/a-profile-of-an-anganwadi-worker

Author: Ms. Lakshmi Mohan, Akshara Foundation.

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